Sensorpedia makes it easy to find and share sensor data.

We're currently in a limited beta.
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Sensorpedia, a program developed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, enables individuals, communities, and enterprises to share, find, and use sensor data online. Instead of networking users based on mutual personal interests, Sensorpedia networks users based on mutual sensor information interests. Sensorpedia applies several design principles common to many popular Web 2.0 sites.

Sensorpedia is a Web-based application (consisting of a Google Maps interface where users can search and explore published sensor data. The interface is designed to be simple and intuitive to use. However, the real power of Sensorpedia is in the back-end services. The Sensorpedia API uses Web services designed to accept and publish data using established standards such as the Atom Syndication Format. The API supports rapid development of customized third-party applications to meet specific needs users may have. Sensorpedia also relies on open data portability standards such as OData, oEmbed, OpenID, and OAuth to ensure current and future interoperability with other Web-based software applications.

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