Environmentally Friendly Drilling

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) is working with Texas A&M University-Kingsville and the Texas Center for Applied Technology on the Houston Advanced Research Center’s (HARC) Environmentally Friendly Drilling Technology Integration Program (EFD-TIP). The West Regional EFD Center has established various test sites in the Eagle Ford, a major unconventional shale play in Texas, to establish a baseline monitoring program for air quality and emissions. The team has identified a broad range of new and existing in situ and mobile sensors capable of measuring environmental conditions and which can be integrated with the Sensorpedia sensor data sharing platform. Data sources include monitoring stations, vehicular emission sensors, leak detectors, open source sensors (e.g., from NOAA, USGS, EPA), enterprise sensors, and human field observations. Requirements and standards for data provenance and metrology for each of the sensor types—including human observations—have been developed. A “branded” Sensorpedia EFD server has been established at ORNL with features to allow trusted users within the EFD community to publish, share, see, and subscribe to sensor information. A Sensorpedia information dashboard and data “mashups” have been specifically designed for the spatial display of the multi-sensor information in real time.

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