iPhone development license approved

Just before leaving for the Christmas holidays, I got some good news! Our application for an Apple iPhone development license was approved. The process took much longer than I had hoped, primarily because a national lab is not a typical “business” and the usual application process didn’t exactly fit. But I’m happy that we’re all set now. I’ve got the SDK installed and will begin actual development soon.

I’m excited to build on the outstanding work that Chris did this past summer in building a prototype Sensorpedia app. Chris focused primarily on submitting observations from the phone. Be sure and click through his presentation on “enabling citizen sensors” and read the related blog post. I’m working now to add a mobile viewer component to allow you to search for and view nearby sensor data.

Hopefully we’ll get the details worked out soon and you’ll find us in the app store! Of course, you’ll be the first to know by following us here on our blog and on Twitter.

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